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The Perfect PerlCon

What would make for a perfect PerlCon?

(Inspired by a mail by PTS organizer Neil Bowers)


  • In a city that is easy to get to by plane, train, and car.

Before the event

  • Announce the dates and location at the previous conference, i.e. a year in advanced
  • Website up and running as early as possible (together with announcement?)
  • Weekly or at least monthly updates posted to website / blog / social media
  • Code of Conduct available

General Layout

  • A social evening event for all attendees
  • Place for BOFs during the event
  • Paid training sessions before/after the event
  • Hackathon before/after the event


  • Three days of talks in three tracks
  • One block of lightning talks per day
  • One keynote, maybe more (at most one per day).
  • Not the same old keynote people again and again.
  • High quality videos of talks available afterwards.
  • Live-streaming of all talks? (I don't think this should be expected, videos afterwards is fine)

Call for Papers

  • CfP published as soon as possible
  • Accept talks as the come in (eg accept one talk per speaker immediatly, if a speaker submits multiple talks pick the other ones later)
  • Have at least half the schedule filled at least 4 months before the start of the conference


  • Not in school holidays
  • Start at ~9:30, end at ~17:30
  • 2 coffee breaks, 1 lunch break
  • cluster similar talks into tracks
  • don't overlap talks with similar topics
  • ..


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