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The Perfect PerlCon

What would make for a perfect PerlCon?

(Inspired by a mail by PTS organizer Neil Bowers)


  • In a city that is easy to get to by plane, train, and car.
  • Venue is than an hour's travel from the airport

Before the event

  • Announce the dates and location at the previous conference, i.e. a year in advanced
  • Website up and running as early as possible (together with announcement?)
  • Weekly or at least monthly updates posted to website / blog / social media
  • Code of Conduct available

Call for Papers

  • CfP published as soon as possible
  • Accept talks as the come in (eg accept one talk per speaker immediatly, if a speaker submits multiple talks pick the other ones later)
  • Have at least half the schedule filled at least 4 months before the start of the conference
  • Approach local speakers from other communities
  • Approach speakers talking about general tech subject (SQL, DevOps, Management, Community, …)
  • Explicitly invite diverse speakers

General Layout

  • A social evening event for all attendees
  • Place for BOFs during the event
  • Paid training sessions before/after the event
  • Hackathon before/after the event


  • Three days of talks in three tracks
  • One block of lightning talks per day
  • One keynote, maybe more (at most one per day).
  • Not the same old keynote people again and again.
  • High quality videos of talks available afterwards.
  • Live-streaming of all talks? (I don't think this should be expected, videos afterwards is fine)


  • Not in school holidays
  • During school holidays, so relatives might join (eg in Austria, both July and August are school holidays)
  • Start at ~9:30, end at ~17:30
  • 2 coffee breaks, 1 lunch break
  • cluster similar talks into tracks
  • don't overlap talks with similar topics
  • ..


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Outdoor space available
  • one big room for all attendees, auditorium style
  • two secondary rooms
  • a few small rooms for meetings / BOFs / speaker room are nice


  • Consider various dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, no seafood, ..)
  • Coffee breaks should include coffee, tea, water; maybe fruit juice, soft drinks
  • Lunch is nice-to-have
  • If lunch is provided, it should be at the venue (or very near)
  • If no lunch is provided, there have to be plenty of restaurants nearby, and the lunch break has to be long enough (at least 1.5h)


Workshop scheduling

Attendees have difficulty convincing their employers that a 3 day trip to the conference should be extended to 4 or 5 days in order to attend a workshop. Alternatives to consider:

  • If the conference is Mon - Wed, allocate the preceding Sunday for workshops
  • Run workshops at the same time as the talks
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