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The Organizer's Checklist

This page attempts to create a checklist of actions or resources that PerlCon organizers can refer to when looking for things to do or prepare. If you feel it's incomplete, please extend it!

Sign the Venue

The first thing to do would be to sign a contract with the venue, so the dates for the conference can be published. This also ensures that the venue won't change any details at random, which could throw off all other planning.

Finding the Right People

The conference is made up of people. There are a number of tasks to be handled during the conference, and for each of these you need to find the right people to do them. Finding these people can all be done at the same time.


As soon as the dates of the conference have been settled on, a Call for Papers should be announced, to give people as much time as possible to send in their prospective talks. The amount of possible speakers depends on the number of rooms available to us at the venue. Be sure to also require a time indication of each speaker's presentation, so a rough schedule can be planned as soon as possible.


The conference should have both live-streams available, and on-demand videos after the conference. The team for this will also require hardware to work with, so if you find a team of people to handle this, ensure their tools are also worked out.


People need to eat and drink properly. Some venues come with their own catering services, which could make this aspect a lot easier. If they don't, the organizers will have to look for catering on their own. For each day of the conference, at least a lunch and a number of coffee/tea breaks should be provided. It is also wise to be able to offer water all day long.


Heralds take care of introducing the speakers of a room, and to inform them of their remaining time. This helps to break the ice for speakers, and to ensure the schedule doesn't skew too much. This can be done by volunteers who happen to attend the conference anyway, but if there are not enough volunteers, you might be able to convince people to help out here by giving away a small reward (a t-shirt, free dinner, discount on the ticket, …)

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