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There are/were several attempts to port Act to PSGI. haj reviewed them and came up with a presumable stable git repo. haj also automated the installation process into act-starter-debian.

At the French Perl Workshop 2019 we worked on getting this code up and running in a way so that we can test if the PSGI version is able to replace the legacy mod_perl version.


  • domm set up a github group act-testing. If you want to be a member of this group to work on testing the PSGI branch, contact domm
  • haj transferred “his” Act branch to this group, in the hope of establishing a canonical repo for Act-PSGI:
  • domm provisioned a Hetzner cloud server (using a private account)
  • domm set up a DNS entry (using a private account)
  • domm and haj installed Act using act-starter-debian (now also not longer in haj's private github, but in act-testing) - worked without a hitch!
  • domm set up Let's Encrypt, nginx frontend proxy and some minimal mailing infrastructure on the new server
  • domm and haj cloned two workshop repos (gpw2019 and lwp2019) from into This is so that we can munge the act.ini configs without breaking the live sites by accident.
  • We did not copy the database, so those test-sites are rather empty and your old user accounts will not work there.
  • domm set up a repo ACT-PSGI-demo to collect issues with the test setup. But now I think we could just manage those issues in act-testing/Act? What do you think?
  • haj fixed a few bugs in Act, and found a few new ones
  • elbeho merged a few bugfixes provided by haj into the legacy repo.

See also for a summary of the first day.

Next Steps

  • Thoroughly test the various test instances, and their template integrations.
  • We need to be confident that the PSGI port does not have any hidden bugs, which unfortunately is quite likely, as the code still thinks it is running as mod_perl with an Apache request object
  • I (domm) would not suggest adding any new features to the PSGI branch
  • Either automate updating the test instances via cron or after each commit, or allow ssh access to the host to selected orgas (but in the long run updating has to happen automatically)
  • Host future workshops / conferences on the PSGI branch:
    • find a production server
    • set it up
    • install current workshops / conferences
    • archive old conference websites (wget?)
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