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Act Requirements Collection

So, we're going to make an attempt to revitalize Act - our Conference Toolkit. Again. At some point we might need to check why the previous attempts dried away, but not today.

Today I (haj) am just asking you to collect requirements. Just collect them, don't discuss yet. We have plenty of space to refine and prioritize later.

But I also have an additional challenge: Please make sure that the requirements do not contain suggestions for solutions. Include a description of the problem, who has this problem, and why you think this is important. Just add to the list, feel free to rephrase, reorder and categorize if it is getting too long. After all: This is a Wiki.

There are also a lot of issues in github. And in the medium term we should convert those suggestions to issues on one bug tracker or the other,,

And please also note that there was no decision yet whether we want to update the current ACT code, or start something new from scratch.

  • Non-ASCII characters in the Wiki are garbled.
    • Who has this problem: Readers of the Act Wiki.
    • Why this is important: Many languages have some, and some languages have all their characters outside the ASCII range. The Wiki is totally useless for the Russian language.
  • I can't figure out how to contribute to Act development.
    • Who has this problem: Software developers who have an idea how to improve Act, and the capability to do it.
    • Why this is important: Act is mainly a volunteers project, in the past sponsor money hasn't covered a commercial development. For volunteers, priorities are shifting, so it is to be expected with certainty that some volunteers are leaving over time. On the other hand, 65 forks of the repository are a symptom of many people trying to improve and contribute. There's little flow from these forks into the original repository, though.
  • Act is too difficult to install. Getting the master branch up and running requires antique versions of Apache and mod_perl. Installing the PSGI branch is guesswork: the docs don't waste a word on it.
  • I'd like to have control over how my personal data is published and shared
  • I can't enter a secure GPG Id
  • I want to log in with my Google account
  • I can't remove an unapproved talk from my schedule
  • Annoying: When I attend to several conferences, I need to sign out and sign in each time
  • I can't submit a talk with more than one speaker
  • I can't pay for another person
    • Who has this problem: Act users who want to pay for another attendee
    • Why this is important: According to szabgab, There are many cases when the person who attends the event and the person who actually makes the payment are different.
  • I want to contact other Act users
  • I want to contact other Act users over Twitter
  • I want to add my Twitter username to my profile
  • I don't understand the changepwd form
  • The Act user interface is too difficult to customize
  • Registration workflow and terminology is confusing
  • Lightning talk speakers must not get free registration
  • I don't want to manually nudge speakers to either confirm or cancel their talks
  • As a sponsor, I don't want to register all my employees attending the conference separately
  • Having to creae a bunch of “standard” pages for a conference Wiki is too time consuming
  • I want to see events on my personal schedule
  • I want to see what's the next talk in a room
    • Who has this problem: Conference attendees
    • Why this is important: Sometimes there are changes to the schedule which the attendees have on their mobile phones, or they don't have the schedule available otherwise.
  • Printing the schedule is a mess
    • Who has this problem: Conference attendees preparing their visit
    • Why this is important: According to wolfsage, Each ACT owner likes to create their own layout/CSS, but maybe we should have a standard print CSS that works regardless, and they can edit it if they want? This would allow printing of good schedules
  • These badges are unreadable from more than 20cm distance!
    • Who has this problem: Attendees trying to figure out the name of the person they're talking to
    • Why this is important: Persons and their names are important. The location and year aren't: Attendees can figure out where they are without consulting each others' badge.
  • I want to nudge all attendees who haven't paid in one go
    • Who has this problem: Conference organizers
    • Why this is important: Organizers are short on time before the conference. Act could support them with “standard” tasks.
  • I want to be informed about new accepted talks
    • Who has this problem: People who are unsure whether the conference is worth it, or who need to convince their bosses or sponsors
    • Why this is important: The readiness to spend money for traveling, hotel, or sponsoring might depend on whether the conference offers talks which are relevant to one's targets.
  • The receipt that is auto-generated out of Act is not acceptable.
    • Who has this problem: Conference attendees who need to provide the receipt to their employer or similar
    • Why this is important: Being unable to get refunding for a conference ticket because the receipt doesn't fulfil the requirements is frustrating.

GitHub issues not included (yet)

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